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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Los Machucambos - Mucho machucambos - London Records.

Los Machucambos un trio Mexicano Radicado en los E.U.A produce este Lp haciendo resaltar el folklor mexicano y al mismo tiempo tropical. "Cachita" el tema mas destacado de este album resalta un ritmo de mambo sabroso.


Los Machucambos this Mexican trio living in U.S.A produced this Lp mixing the Mexican folklore and at the same time tropical rhythm. "Cachita" the best song in this album, is singular because has that touch of mambo sabroso.


Jaeger said...

Thanks for posting this. I bought this album in another country thirty years ago, left it behind, and have been trying to remember the artists' names... Suddenly "Los machucammbos" popped into my head. And here the album is, almost precisely as I remember it. The best ever version of "Buenas Noches, Irena"... Love it.

Anonymous said...

Mexican trio living in the USA ??
The trio was comprised of a Chilean, a Spaniard and an Italian, and what is more...they lived in France. Dunno where you get your information, but it's totally wrong!
Not trying to be rude...just correcting the FACTS!

Vangelis said...

No era trio mexicano la chica era de Costa Rica , un espaƱol y un italiano eran

Slayer said...

Sorry but Machucambos never were Mexican, they started as a trio in France but with Latinamerican Folklore style.

Julia Cortes were from Costa Rica, her husband Romano Zanotti were from Italy and Rafael Gayoso were from Spain, also in their early times they had musical support from the arpist Ignacio Alderette, that is the reason they have some tunes in Latinamerican arp as "Pajaro Campana", "Cascada", "Concierto en la Llanura", "Paraguajita" and "Maracaibo" as only for example.

Great international trio, so sadly Julia Cortes passed away aprox. four years ago.